Our Services

  • Fast and Efficient Door to Door Delivery
  • Fast and Efficient Clearing both Air and Sea Freight(LCL & FCL)
  • Documentation
  • Custom Brokerage
  • Warehousing
  • Local Expertise
  • Fast Transit Times
  • Competitive Air and Sea Pricing
  • Direct Weekly Service
  • Integrated Domestic & International Network
  • Door Service and Inland Haulage
  • Hiring of Ship
  • Full Ship and Plane Load Shipments
  • Purchasing of Goods Overseas

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Consolidation Service


This is our core competence; we offer an incomparable service with global network coverage and direct consolidation to countless destinations. Freight systems have made huge investments to support a simple product like this so that we can add value to our customers by providing them with quality services at competitive prices, thereby consolidating their different shipments from the same or different regions and delivering them at one pace.

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